7 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Not Responding / Not Working Error in Windows

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Without any doubt, Google Chrome is one of the most steady and fantastic web browsers. It helps you to browse any kind of website, whether they are small or large, very impressively. Compared to other web browsers, it is an incredibly high-speed web browser that displays and loads web pages very promptly. Overall, there are innumerable benefits that you constantly acquire from Google Chrome.

However, the most difficult part about using Google Chrome is the problems that can take place with it. Sometimes, you can find that the Google Chrome is hanging, freezing and crashing. In many cases, you can see Google Chrome does not respond well or gets freeze.

Well, there are different kinds of reasons behind the touch respond you get from this browser. Consequently, it becomes important for you to try out finding the reasons and solutions of the same issue.

In the following paragraphs, you will be able to determine the problems that could have with your Google Chrome along with the best solutions you can get:

Possible reasons due to which Google Chrome does not respond

Before moving to the solutions, it is always necessary to know the causes of the same problem. The most noticeable reason behind this behavior of Google Chrome could be running lots of tabs on under-powered devices. According to the experts, when you run so many tabs on an under-powered gadget, it can craft memory seep outs that threaten both Chrome and Windows. This reason can root Google chrome not responding issue further.

On the other hand, you can talk about the respond of any webpage due to which Google Chrome is not responding. There are several misbehaving web pages that can generate big errors that your browser cannot trap. Due to search web pages, your web browser can get freeze and terminated.

In the similar way, you need to ensure whether the Google Chrome you are using is updated or not. Sometimes when the Google Chrome is not updated, it can start responding disappointingly.

Indeed, you can also remember the interfering caused by malware that could be there in your system. If you do not use any special scanner or antivirus, then this will cause Google chrome not working like issues.

google chrome not responding

Solutions of Google chrome not responding:

  1. Reset settings

    First and foremost, you can take a look at the settings of your Google Chrome. When there are wrong settings, they will not allow Google Chrome to work well. You only need to visit the advanced option in the settings, and then reset settings. This method does not affect your saved passwords, browsing history, and bookmarks.

  2. Reboot your system

    Secondly, you should try to reboot your computer system if there is related to the memory. By rebooting your system, you will flush the RAM of the system. Despite any difficult method, it is a very easy to follow way to fix Google Chrome not responding fault.

  3. Disable malicious extensions

    You should also know that the malicious extensions could become another issue to due to which you find Google Chrome not working well. When something happens like that it would be testing to identify which extension is rooting the problem.
    This is why you need to disable all Chrome extensions. Still, you need to enable any of the Chrome extension that you want to use.

  4. Update Google Chrome

    The most significant solution to get rid of this problem is to update your Google Chrome. If you keep this browser updated, it is difficult to find some errors from it.

  5. Reinstall Google Chrome

    When any other mentioned trick is not working, it is the time for you to uninstall Google Chrome. Once you uninstall this web browser, you can reinstall it. This can turn out to be a very dependable way to get rid of the same error.

  6. Use Antivirus and malware scanner

    It is necessary to use the Malware scanner function of your Chrome to keep it away from the dangers of malware. You also have an option to utilize a premium antivirus.

  7. Clear cache and history

    In any case, you can also try to clear cache and history of your Chrome because they could be corrupted. In addition, you can also try to clear the DNS cache.

7 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Not Responding / Not Working Error in Windows 1

With a bit of luck, you may have successfully understood the best solutions to get rid of Google Chrome not responding problem here. However, if you are still facing the Google Chrome error during your web browsing sessions, get in touch with our well qualified browser support professional for advanced technical assistance.

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